Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?
A. Eternal Fansubs is composed of a group of crazy people bound by some karmic force to endure the joys and pains of fansubbing.

Q. When did it all begin?
A. Eternal Fansubs was created on 8 June 2007 by sheer accident.

Q. Why the name Eternal?
A. Oh, this one is easy. Our name represents our love for dramas. Apparently, it is also indicative of our fansubbing process which operates under the chaos theory... To sum it up, don't be surprised if the interval between episode releases take after the group's name.

Q. Can I request a drama?
A. Yes, but we will most likely ignore it. Our drama projects are handpicked by our staff members. Projects are greenlighted only when we have the commitment of a translator.

Q. How long does it take to release an episode?
A. A week or two, maybe three or four. Five weeks, six weeks, sometimes even more. It really depends on our members and how much of a life they have. Yes, as amusing as it may sound, our members do have personal lives... well, at least most of us do.

Q. Sometimes it takes forever to release an episode. Can we rely on you to finish your projects?
A. As long as there is no official announcement of a project being dropped, be assured that the team will do its best to complete the project.

Q. What are the ways in which I can get hold of your projects?
A. Projects are made available through direct download or D-Addicts torrents.

Q. Can I upload your subs in direct streaming sites?
A. We have a strict no-uploading-without-permission policy. Only designated members are allowed to upload our releases onto select streaming sites. If you intend to upload our subs on direct download sites or plan to feature them on your site, be sure to send us an email asking for permission to do so.

Q. How can I contact Eternal Fansubs?
A. You can email us at, leave a message at the shoutbox or comment. We'll try to respond to your queries as soon as possible.

Q. I want to help. How can I join?
A. You can email us or drop by the forum and apply for an open position. We welcome interested and dedicated people who would like to experience a touch of madness.

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